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The fastest way to build video AI apps.

Create, customize, and deploy powerful video AI features with Guru.

Created by ML engineers from the original Amazon Alexa team.

Build with tools you already know

Focus on application logic, not CUDA errors, with Guru's flexible computer vision tools.

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Create AI apps in Javascript

Use any vision model in a few lines of Javascript

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Instantly test in the browser

Guru handles running models on any video

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Run anywhere in one-click

Deploy your app in the cloud, iOS/Android

Get started in minutes

Get up and running fast with  an intutive API and easy-to-clone templates

More templates coming soon:

Man performing a jump shot

Jump Shot Coach

Tennis icon

Elbow straight, hand on the side, follow through. Start shooting like Curry.

Dog lying in basket

Pet Behavior Monitor

Paw icon

Check if your best friend goes on the forbidden couch while you’re out.

Player sprinting on pitch

Sprints Coach


Get NFL feedback on your sprint  and shave milliseconds off your 40 yard dash time.

Pokemon cards

Board Game Assistant

School icon

Trust AI, not your friends, to be your Monopoly judge.


Retail Analytics


Understand your customers by measuring wait-time, product popularity, and more.


Industrial Quality Control

Clip board

Identify chips and scratches on products

Traffic jam

Traffic Flow Analysis


Understand the traffic bottlenecks and peaks of any city street

Woman smoking cigarette

Contextual Video Ads

Video camera

Understand the key actions and emotions in a video to decide what ad to show next.

We have processed over 4 million events with Guru and  never had any downtime.

We get all the benefits of computer vision without doing all the hard work behind it.

Colm Hayden, Cadoo CEO

Cutting edge experiences in fitness are being built with Guru

Build the future of interactive content with us