Build next-gen apps with video AI.

With Guru, developers can create, customize, and deploy powerful video AI features in just a few lines of code.

Created by ML engineers from the original Amazon Alexa team.

Cutting edge experiences in fitness are being built with Guru

Cutting edge experiences in








are being built with Guru

Build, deploy, and scale video AI apps

Get started in 7 lines of code

Guru supports a large library of pre-trained models that you can use right away, in real-time, on any device.

Customize your video AI in an afternoon

"Teach" Guru any movement you can imagine with just 15 starter videos (or less) with the Guru Console.

Mobile video AI that actually works.

Guru turbocharges your model’s accuracy by continually tuning the model with your user videos.

Off-The-Shelf Model
Customer Finetuned Model

Build the next human-computer interface with us